Japanese Tapas in Barcelona

Just click on the link above. Jenean is enjoying her Japanese Tapas!
Our first night in Barcelona as we wait for our clients to arrive tomorrow was spent right next door to our hotel, the “Five Rooms” just north of the famous Ramblas district. It was raining. We were tired. Jenean is on a diet. We opted for sushi. Wow, did we ever have sushi. And sushi. And some more sushi. Jim got nervous about midway through the second bottle of wine and asked for a summation of the bill. “It’s 12.98 per person tonight, sir,” was the polite reply. That meant we were able to select all that we wanted from the amazing array of dishes on the conveyor belt to our right for a measly $20 per head plus the cost of the wine. We were delirious with delight, stuffed to the gills with salmon and shrimp and seaweed and all of that other great stuff you can eat without getting fat. We did our best to get fat. We ate and we ate and we ate, and it was so damned easy. Now we have to figure out a way to convince our incoming clients that going to a Japanese sushi bar is an authentic Spanish experience. Well, in a city as cosmopolitan as Barcelona, why not?

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