Oktoberfest in Munich

Dancing the day away in one of 14 tents on the Oktoberfest grounds

The biggest beer festival in the world is just about to wrap up in Munich, Germany. We were there today, enjoying liters of Augustiner beer (a brewery pumping out great beer since 1378) and half chickens in a festival tent jammed with partiers dressed in lederhosen and dirndls. In fact, we felt a little out of place in our jeans and khakis. The weather was optimal, in fact, even a bit too warm with temperatures in the high 70s. It made our wait outside the tent a bit uncomfortable. The wait was unusual, as we’ve never had to wait in line before to get into a tent at midday. The fine weather and the fact that this is the last weekend for the festival added up to larger than normal crowds.
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Our guests Melissa and Bruce Rokicki enjoying a beer in the Fischer Vroni tent

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