Hotel Alt Koelnischer Hof in Bacharach Wonderful Place to Stay in Rhein Valley of Germany

The grand Hotel Alt Koelnischer Hof in the center of Bacharach

European Focus likes to end our Germany trips in the medieval hamlet of Bacharach. Jenean Derheim says, “If Pinocchio had been German, then Bacharach would be his hometown.” This charming village is full of half-timbered houses, a grand church and quaint corners just waiting for the photographer.

The best and in our opinion only place to stay in town (although there are other, much lower in quality hotels and inns) is the grand Hotel Alt Koelnischer Hof. Situated in the center of town at the crossroads of the village’s two main streets and next to the church (don’t worry, they turn the loud clanging bells off at 10 p.m. and don’t reactivate them until 8 a.m.) the hotel is now being run by the third and fourth generation of the Scherschlicht family. Young Dennis is not far behind, and he will be generation five. We’ve watched Dennis since he was a boy, serving coffee in the mornings when on school holiday, the pot nearly as big as he was back then. Now Dennis is more than six feet tall and speaks English with confidence.

This hotel has it all, gorgeous woodwork from the turn of the 20th century, a gracious dining hall with paintings from the 1930s showing Bacharach and legends connected with this once mighty town, exceptionally comfortable and modern rooms and best of all, terrific food and a superior wine list.

The Hotel Alt Koelnischer Hof is one of our featured properties. To experience true German hospitality, contact European Focus today to learn how you can be a part of the tradition of the Hotel Alt Koelnischer Hof.

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