Fill up and feel the pain

Don’t even try and complain to me right now about gasoline approaching $4 per gallon in the USA. We Americans have been spoiled by artificially low energy prices for so long that we’re absolutely for the most part totally ignorant to what the rest of the civilized world pays, and has paid, for a long time for these precious resources. Diesel fuel in Germany (I drive a diesel because it’s ‘cheaper’ to fill up than an unleaded fuel vehicle) is the equivalent of $9.19 per gallon, and that’s the price today. I haven’t had to fill my VW ‘Multivan’ yet because I left the tank full when I left last November. I’m bracing myself now for the $200.00 it’s gonna cost when I finally do fill the tank. When the dollar falls again, then $10 per gallon diesel fuel is just around the corner here in Deutschland.

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