Dr. Jose Rizal Statue in Wilhelmsfeld, Germany

Not many people from the Philippines realize that there is a statue and park dedicated to their national hero, Jose Rizal, located in an out of the way village buried deep in the Odenwald Forest about 25 kilometers from Heidelberg. I brought my current clients there and we enjoyed seeing the statue, erected in 1978, as well as the parsonage where the famous writer and thinker spent nearly a year working on one of his novels. Rizal was shot by the Spanish for his attempts to rally the Phillipino people to rebel against the abuses of the power structure, mainly, Spain.

Dr. Cria Lorenzo was part of a tour to Wilhelmsfeld, Germany in November.

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  1. Not only a statue and park dedicated to Jose Rizal but also a street was name after him, Jose Rizal strasse. Located on that street was the house he stayed during his time in Heidelberg. A plaque was also placed on the house indicating that Jose Rizal completed the Noli Me Tangere.

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