Capri was a great place in 1964

In the year when I was born, Capri was probably a fantastic place to go and relax and stroll around. Sophia Loren, who owns a magnificent compound on the Amalfi Coast probably went there to buy her sandals. Today, in the time of mass tourism when practically everyone can afford to travel, Capri is a […]

Relaxing in Amalfi

Our guests the Cain family from Texas relaxing over their breakfast on the terrace of our hotel overlooking Amalfi. Another perfect July morning.

Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome

In 1732, Pope Clement XII commissioned Nicola Salvi to create a large fountain at the Trevi Square. A previous undertaking to build the fountain after a design by Bernini was halted a century earlier after the death of Pope Urban VIII. Salvi based his theatrical masterpiece on this design. Construction of the monumental baroque fountain […]

Roman Forum Gets More Interesting Each Year

The Curia is open now, the first time in many visits to this ancient place that it’s been accessible. This was the meeting place for the Roman Senate. It is now used for exhibitions with a current exhibit on the Emperor Nero. This unpopular emperor who “fiddled while Rome burned” killed himself while being pursued […]

Sightseeing in Rome

Our first day with the Cain family from Texas was one full of adventure and history. After their grueling flight from America on Delta Airlines, which consisted of one broken plane in Atlanta, then finally a 777 was found “in a hanger somewhere” which took more than six hours to be readied for flight, our […]

Riding into Venice in Style

We enter with our group of eight this afternoon into the heart of Venice where we’re staying two nights at a lovely hotel in the San Marco district. It’s hot in Venice, so what better way to cool off than with a quick trip via water taxi?