Sommerhausen, Germany and Francis Daniel Pastorius

The charming hamlet of Sommerhausen, Germany has a wall, towers, a castle and many very old houses nestled between steep slopes covered with vineyards and the Main River. The town is also home to the man who established Germantown, Pennsylvania. In 1683, a group of Mennonites, Pietists, and Quakers – like Abraham Isacks op den […]

Best offer ever for Bavaria experience in 2015

Discover the delights of Germany’s most picturesque area and dip into Austria on this 10-day adventure including: • Medieval Rothenburg ob der Tauber • The Romantic Road • Nurnberg • Roman “Castra Regina,” today’s Regensburg • Munich • King Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein Castle • Berchtesgaden including nearby Salzburg, Austria Day 1: Miltenberg am Main (1) Guests […]

European Focus Appreciates its Return Guests

Bob and Marlene Rokicki are five time European Focus guests, while their son Bruce and his wife Melissa are enjoying their second trip with us. This one is the ‘Grand Tour’ and has included so far, Amsterdam and Haarlem in the Netherlands, Brugge in Belgium, Koln, the Mosel River Valley and Trier, the Alsace of […]

Is the Black Forest Really Black?

There are more than a few legends connected with Germany’s Black Forest. Several have to do with the name. ‘Schwarzwald’ in Germany, ‘Black Forest’ in English. Is it really black in color? Well, no, it is definitely very much green. From a distance though, the dense pine forest appears to be black or deep blue […]

Trier is Germany’s Oldest City

But not only that, it is one of Germany’s most interesting and most lively places. On a warm Saturday morning in late September, the city is full of daytrippers and locals and yes, a few tourists who come to enjoy the shopping, Roman ruins and beautiful architecture of the city once known as “Treverum” under […]

Grenzmuseum Schifflersgrund, Allendorf, Germany

Twenty one years after East and West Germany became one and the museum on the former border near Allendorf has never been busier, according to the man who took our money for the entry and who grew up here, on the Eastern side of the border. ‘People want to come and see what they could […]

Regensburg Cathedral and the Judensau

Some who visit Germany for the first time assume that the persecution of the Jews in Europe began with Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. Not so. The Jews have been chased out of Europe, murdered and punished with huge taxation rates for more than 1,000 years in Europe. In Regensburg there is a visible […]