You’ll Find Us Relaxing at Arianella de Can Coral, Spain

When we finish a long tour and before we begin another we like to find a place where we can feel at home and just totally chill out. We have such chill out places in Ireland, Italy, France, Germany and Portugal. Now we have found such a place high in the hills above the Mediterranean, […]

Scenes on the way across Spain

We’re driving our VW van across the REAL Big Sky Country (apologies to the state of Montana) on our way from Portugal to Barcelona, Spain where we’ll meet our next guests on June 1. Along the way, we’re treated to panoramic views, seemingly endless stretches of farmland, hundreds of wind turbines (Spain leads Europe in […]

From Prague to Lisbon

We just left Betty and Bob at the Lisbon airport and are now preparing for our next guests, Art and Carol, whom we’ll meet in Barcelona. We have six days to get there. What are we going to do? Explore new places in Portugal and Spain to get ready for 2012’s adventurers. We’re also looking […]

Postcard from Portugal

A stone hut near a tiny stream, ageless, what was it used for? Who last lived here? What kind of work did they engage in? We love stopping to capture these images as we travel the little roads of Portugal.

Along the Backroads of Portugal

A major advantage of experiencing Europe with a private guide is the ability to take the back roads, those small byways that the big buses simply don’t have time – or room – for. European Focus has traveled these roads with our guests for more than 16 years and today was no exception as we […]

Santiago di Compostela, Spain

We made it! More than 4,300 kilometers after leaving Prague, we arrived in Santiago di Compostela, Spain on a clear and warm May evening. Unlike the thousands of pilgrims who have walked here, we immediately checked into our hotel and took a long siesta. Then, as the sun was setting, we walked the block and […]