Today in Amsterdam

Reflections on the Prinsengraacht, one of the major canals in the center of old Amsterdam.

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A recent article features one of our clients:

Coming soon, adventures in Amsterdam, Brugges, Cologne, Heidelberg, Rothenburg, Garmisch, Salzburg and Vienna

The final tour of the regular season starts on November 2 and lasts to November 16. A family of four from Manila will be enjoying their private tour with European Focus to the cities above plus much more.

Potsdamer Platz in Berlin

Left a barren wasteland after WWII, Potsdamer Platz is once again the vibrant unofficial heart of Berlin. Tall skyscrapers built with cutting edge designs and sponsored in part by Sony Corporation, the area is full of light and color and activity until late in the evening. A huge train and underground station takes up acres […]

Postcard from Lucerne

The beautiful and historic Chapel Bridge was constructed in the 14th century as part of the battlements around the medieval town of Lucerne. It stood for more than 600 years until a carelessly discarded cigarette burned more than 90% of the bridge in 1993. It was rapidly rebuilt. Visit Lucerne on a custom-designed, private tour […]

Postcard from Berchtesgaden

The pretty church of Maria Gern with the misty Watzmann in the background. Visit Germany this October – we have an opening for a tour of any length in the period of October 12 to 30.

Escape the heat, come to Germany in August

I’ve been living and working in Germany since 1989 and there is one trend that cannot be denied – summer ends the first week of August. Maybe not by the calendar, but by the thermometer. While it can be hot in June and July and even April sometimes (while May is nearly always very mild) […]

Musicians entertain in Bonn

Two young musicians entertain their fan club in the marketplace of Bonn, Germany. The former capital of Germany is a sleepy little place now, nestled against the bank of the Rhein. On a Sunday afternoon, you hardly even feel as if you’re in a major city, much less a former capital of this great nation.