What’s a Small Group for Us? Two!

January 23, 2016

We are the only legitimate company in the English-speaking world which creates, plans and leads private, custom-designed small group tours. Well, wait a second. We could say that with all honesty until about five years ago when we started to notice copycats following what those in the industry told us we were crazy to attempt back in the early 1990s.

European Focus is not as expensive as you might think. We are easily in line with our competitors with the added benefit to our clients in that we easily exceed their level of experience. We know the ins and outs of Europe, because we’ve been doing this so long.

Susan and her son Andrew came along for an eight day tour which included their guide and driver, James, picking them up after a visit with a friend in the Lugano, Switzerland area. We visited Venice, the Dolomites, Berchtesgaden, enjoyed a stay in a brewery with Germany’s only “Beer Sommelier” and checked out Roman Regensburg. This is the kind of thing we do every season, 15 to 20 times. Susan could have never found a bus tour which included all that she wanted, and at the pace she desired. That’s why she chose European Focus Private Tours, and we’re glad she did!

Contact us today for a no-obligation, hassle and telemarketing-free quote on your own personal adventure.
We provide services for from one up to 10 people.

Susan and her son Andrew at the Koenigsee, near Berchtesgaden, Bavaria

Susan and her son Andrew at the Koenigsee, near Berchtesgaden, Bavaria

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