On the Ancestral Trail in Ansbach, Franconia, Germany

Two avid historians helped us with getting access to the Jewish sites in Ansbach, Germany. We met Alexander Biernoth and his friend Stefan Giestzinger on a frigid mid-April morning. Both were extremely well-prepared, opening the historic Jewish Synagogue for us at the start of our walking tour of the center of this historic small city. […]

A Toast to Each Other Above Bacharach on the Rhein

October 22 Jim and Denise toast each other with a chilled glass of wine above the medieval village of Bacharach on the Rhein at the end of their 19-day adventure in Germany, Austria, Alsace and the Czech Republic.

Where Kings Were Annointed – The Cathedral of Reims, France

July 30 from a visit there on July 13 En route from an overnight stop in Saarbrücken on the way to Paris to pick up clients, I made a stop at the small city of Reims to check  out one of the most famous cathedrals in France. On a quiet Saturday afternoon I had no […]