Start Your Private Tour Fresh with Our New Arrival Early Program

November 15

Why waste a day of your private tour being lost in the fog of jetlag? Everyone encounters extreme weariness on their first day, no matter if they fly up in the nose of the plane or in Row 34. The reality of being able to sleep on the airplane is that very few people can, and therefore they arrive at (what is for their body clock) the middle of the night and then they struggle to find their balance for the rest of the day.

In the meantime, clients are paying for a full day of their guide’s time.

Starting with tours in the 2014 season we are offering to our clients an ‘Arrive Early’ program. Here is how it works:

We set you up with a hotel very near the airport for your first day and night. We arrange early check-in so that you can go right to your room without waiting around the lobby. You have the rest of the day to rest and reset your body clock. Following our recommendation, that day would include:

A light lunch at the hotel
A long afternoon nap of at least four to five hours duration
A little light exercise either a walk around the hotel property or use of the hotel gym
A light dinner
Bed at your normal time, reset to Europe but not later than 11

We pick you up at your hotel the following morning at 10 a.m. and we start your tour. You are fully refreshed and able to take advantage of the day.

No charge for setting this up, just the charge for the hotel and any extras that you may charge onto your credit card directly with the hotel.

After years of watching people bumble through their first day and suffering amnesia because of exhaustion, we have determined that the smartest way to start your vacation with European Focus is to start it a day early, without us!

For any questions, just give us a call. 800-401-7802

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