<strong>May 30, lunch with a view</strong>” title=”gardensmall” width=”400″ height=”268″ class=”size-medium wp-image-603″ /><p id=May 30, lunch with a view

We arrived at Bad Berleburg shortly before 1 this afternoon and after a stop at the local bookstore to pick up items of historical interest related to Marie’s ancestral villages near here, we drove the few minutes out of town to the hamlet of Raumland and to the Hotel Raumland, or homebase for the next two nights. Lunch was served in the serene garden with a sweeping view of the tree-covered hills to the south, east and west. Ahhhh – country air! Heidelberg was nice, but the air here smells sweet. Of course, we had white asparagus and a schnitzel for lunch (repeat of yesterday, but without the wine!)

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