Prettiest Farm in Tuscany?

April 12

It’s always a treat to show our guests a certain postcard displayed in the stores of Pienza or Montepulciano or any of the other small towns located in or around the Val d’Orca, Tuscany. There’s this picture-perfect little farm which sits on the top of a hill, complete with a tiny chapel which was probably used by the wealthy farmer who built the compound. A pullover has been created to accommodate shutter bugs (like us) who want to stop and see if they can do as well with the scene as the photographers who have created everything from placemats to magnets from the scene. The farm is along the main road connecting Pienza with Montalcino.

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    I must admit though…watching you being chased by the security guard left a cuss on my lips and a lump in my gut.

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