Oppede Le Vieux wonderful stop in the Luberon

The 12th century church and ruins of the older castle dominate the view as you enter the village

This is a place where we just had to laugh at the description given in a recent “Rick Steves” guide: “Oppede Le Vieux is a place to go and die in Provence.” Whaa? What did this esteemed travel write mean? That the village is so awesome that you will just drop dead when you see it?

Gardens at the base of the ghost village

In any case, after paying the parking lot attendant to park in the lower lot, we enjoyed a quiet stroll through gardens full of herbs and lavendar still a few weeks away from blooming. Tall Mediterranean cypress trees, maples and oaks all carefully labeled shaded our way.

No more full-time residents, just some cafes and galleries but more than worth a diversion

Oppède Le Vieux is a magnificent small village built at the top of a spur rocheuxsur the sides of Luberon and invaded by a magnificent vegetation with in backcloth, a wild frame of forests and cliffs. To discover Oppède Le Vieux you haved to be prepared to walk and climb up rugged trails lined with abandoned houses. The occupants decided long ago to settle the easier, flatter valley below. At the top, a collegiate church now disused of the 12th century and the ruins of a Moyen-age castle lean precariously over the walkway. There is a decent cafe in the center of the village, and “photo opps” galore.

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