Memories of wine tasting in Montalcino

Be sure to establish the friendliness of your hosts before engaging in a wine tasting session in Montalcino

We stopped in Montalcino, Tuscany recently with our guests, the Cain family. We were really just there for lunch, but while in Montalcino, you really should try the special “Brunello di Montalcino” wine. Dennis and Melissa had a taste with their lunch, and liked it. So, we stopped at a wine store which offered tastings. When we asked the man about a tasting, he said “Only with a purchase,” and then he flashed the fakest, most irritating smile known to man. We were stunned. Of course we turned around and got out of there, walking next door where Jim established with the friendly couple running the store that we were indeed serious, we wanted to buy wine, but would like to taste it first. The reception we received was 180 degrees from the neighbor. “Sure, please, be our guest!” Jenean and Melissa and Dennis all tasted various vintages, and Dennis and Melissa ended up shipping an amount of wine back to their home in Texas. To the snappy neighbor – too bad, fella. You could have closed early today.

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