Inexpensive and safe longterm parking near frankfurt airport

Searching for affordable, cheap remote parking near the Frankfurt Airport is like looking for a needle among needles. There are many to choose from, but not all are good. I thought I had a reservation at the “Main Park” but it turned out that I really didn’t have a reservation at all, and the man on the phone was abrubt and rude. So, when I arrived there late in the afternoon of August 22nd for my evening flight to Dublin, I drove right past his parking lot and on a bit further, following signs for “Spar” and I was delighted to find Herr Guenther there at his hut, ready to take me into his safe and secured parking lot. Herr Guenther told me that the off-site parking industry has been overtaken by immigrants who don’t understand or offer efficient, German customer service. So, not only did I find out about a new, great place to park near the Frankfurt Airport, but I saved money. His price for 10 days was 25 Euro less than the rude guy’s.

A new, super-clean van was used to transport me to the terminal and Herr Guenther even loaded and unloaded my bags.
Fantastic service, and from an independent owner-operator.

Spar Parker
Boettgerstrasse 10
Floersheim am Main, Germany

Bookings should be made through their web site,

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