Greetings from Galway

“Stuck” in Galway City with computer issues, which are being taken care of by the people at the store I’m calling “The Hospital of St. Gigabyte,” otherwise known as Galmac computers in an industrial section of the city. We’ve been killing time while waiting for the operation to be completed by having a lazy morning at our hotel, the excellent and grand Meyrick in the heart of Galway on Eyre Square. We also took a drive out into the Connemara area, which we more thoroughly covered yesterday (photos to come soon). Excellent and memorable lunch at Moran’s on the Weir, located just south of Galway. The place has been in existence since the 1870s when it was a pub serving those bringing turf and seaweed to the quay where farmers from the surrounding area would pick up their supply. Afterwards, thirsty men adjourned to Morans for a pint. This lasted for more than 60 years until the trucking industry wiped out this simpler form of trade. Someone got the bright idea in 1960 to serve oysters and brown bread along with that pint and a new family business was born, now in its 7th generation.

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