Dursey Island by Cable Car

Paula, Audrey and Bob get on board the cablecar to Dursey Island, Ireland

A spontaneous detour to Dursey Island meant a thrilling ride via the cable car over to this widllife sanctuary for our current guests. The cable car was installed in 1969 and it can carry six people, or 1,200 pounds, or three people and three sheep, whatever combo you want! It creaks along at a snail’s pace over the channel separating the island from the mainland. Looking down, one has a great view of the clear water and the rushing current. We spent a little time trying to step around the prodigious amounts of sheep manure on the island before just giving up and figuring “oh well,” it’s part of the landscape in Ireland. It doesn’t stick to your shoes, at least! The ride back meant standing in a long line and waiting about 45 minutes. The wait time was made shorter by a conversation with a fellow from Long Island who has roots in Counties Kerry and Cork. He was over visiting relatives and regaled us with stories of how the Corkmen think the Kerrymen are “subhuman species” and vice-versa.

The coastline just before arriving at the cablecar stop on the mainland

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