Coronavirus and Travel – and you

For up to date information please visit the official website of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control)

The way I look at it, this will go global and it will be in every country. By spring, a person is just as likely to be exposed in their local supermarket in Tulsa, OK as they are in the market square of Milan. People get hurt or worse in car accidents around the world every single day. And yet, we travel in cars in foreign countries without a second thought.

The old adages apply. Wash your hands with soap and water frequently. Don’t touch your face when you are out in public. Use antiseptic wipes on surfaces which have been touched by others. European Focus will be supplying our guests with plenty of antiseptic wipes as we travel from place to place, so that you can comfortably wipe down surfaces in your room when checking in.

Travel Insurance does not cover cancellations due to global pandemics.

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