Celebrating a Birthday at Hirschhorn Castle

September 10, 2012

The lower gatehouse of Hirschhorn Castle

Sometimes while on a trip around Germany one just has to say “why not?” and go to a castle for a dish of ice cream to celebrate a birthday. That’s what we did the other day to celebrate our guest Beth Renney’s birthday. Up, up, up we drove into the hills above the picturesque town of Hirschhorn am Neckar to the castle perched on the rocky crag, as it has been for the past seven hundred years. The castle has been a restaurant and hotel for the past hundred or so years. We’ve brought many guests here over the years for both a meal and a stay but on this beautiful late summer day, ice cream and apple cake (with ice cream of course!) was called for. Happy birthday!

Beth Renney and her birthday ice cream

The view from the restaurant terrace over the Neckar River and part of Hirschhorn

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