Tour Opportunities for October

March 5, 2012 European Focus founder and guide James Derheim is available during the beautiful month of October, a perfect time to explore most of central and southern Europe. October is prime season and is usually booked far in advance. The days are mild and the kids are all back in school with no major […]

When Ireland was south of the equator

We’ve seen many ancient sites in Ireland; monastic beehive huts from the fourth and fifth century, ruins of monasteries from the 14th and 15th centuries and the even older burial site of Newgrange, dating back to about 2,000 to 3,000 years before Christ. But the other day’s discovery on the windswept shores of Valentia Island, […]

Staying on a sheep farm in County Tipperary, Ireland

We love our visits to grand and gracious Dualla House just outside of Cashel, Tipperary, Ireland because it means we get to see working sheep dogs herding the thousand or so sheep which graze on green pastures around the grand Georgian farmhouse where we sleep. Mairead and Martin Power are the most accommodating of hosts. […]

Trinity College Dublin Guided Tours Great Way to Experience History

Downtown Dublin’s Trinity College campus sprawls over more than 44 acres of prime real estate. But, the casual visitor only sees about twenty square feet of this space, and that is what is surrounding the famous “Book of Kells,” kept in the campus library near the main entrance just off of Grafton Street. When entering […]

Welcome new arrivals to Ireland

Jim and Betsy Cooke arrived in Dublin on October 8 to begin their 8-day tour in Ireland with European Focus. This is Jim and Betsy’s second tour with us since their first in the fall of 2008, which took place in Germany. After their early arrival at Dublin’s International Airport, the morning was spent on […]

Moneygall, Ireland Obama Ancestral Home in County Offaly

President Barack Obama has Irish roots on his mother’s side. The hamlet of Moneygall, about 125 kilometers to the southwest of Dublin is where the 44th president’s great-great-great grandfather Joseph Kearney lived before emigrating to America. European Focus owner James Derheim visited Moneygall on September 1 and found the village still basking in the glow […]

The Lonely Irish Bachelor Farmer

We had an interesting experience the other day while having a picnic near Healy Pass, County Cork. We were sitting on a low stone bridge spanning a babbling brook, complete with nearby waterfall. It was a perfect setting out in the wild country leading up to the stunning Healy Pass. While we were enjoying our […]

Ireland’s Pubs Face Big Challenge Starting in October

Starting soon, empty pubs all across Ireland. Why? Because of Ireland’s newest “get tougher” stance on drinking and driving. Starting on October 1, it will now be illegal to have even one pint before getting behind the wheel. This will certainly be the death of many a village pub, which are reliant on the farmer […]