2017 Tour Bookings

December 30, 2016
Updated August 20, 2017

It’s shaping up to be another exciting year for European Focus Private Tours. This will be our 28th year of providing services to our clients in Europe and we are looking forward to the following booked adventures. Openings exist in October.

Trip 281 of our career
April 17 – 26

Caroline G has been tracing her Jewish ancestry for years. Now she finally gets to see and experience the history in more than a dozen of her ancestral villages during this private tour, booked in November. This will be her first time to Germany.

April 26 to May 4

Bernie F has always wondered about his Irish ancestry. Now he will see his ancestral county, Tipperary, including the historic town of Cashel, where his ancestors have been traced. We will also take in “just for fun” parts of Kerry and Clare Counties.

May 11 to 23
Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia
Dennis, Melissa and Morgan come back for their third trip with European Focus. This time the Texans will be enjoying the wonderful cities of Prague and Innsbruck plus off-the-track Cortina d’Ampezzo and a wine estate near Pula, Croatia.

May 26 to June 2

Margie W. has taken four trips with European Focus, all of them revolving around her deep interest in family history. Now she will have a challenge – as she has to decide which 10 or so villages out of a list of several hundred in England to experience during her brief time in England. We look forward to helping her decide on priorities and also, having a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

June 4 to 20

A family of three from Texas will embark on their fourth trip with European Focus, this time to the former Hanseatic League towns of the northern part of Germany. This family is the most prepared of any of our guests – and we usually learn volumes from their in-depth knowledge! Really looking forward to this trip to some of the lesser-known parts of Germany.

June 22: James

We don’t often do one-day tours, but this time we’re making an exception for a family of five who want to tack on a visit to their ancestral village near Alzey, Germany to their busy European travel itinerary. James has made all of the arrangements for a meaningful time.

June 2 to 25 – Jenean’s tour

Jenean takes a couple on a wide-ranging tour in England and Scotland. (This tour has been postponed at the clients’ request to 2018)

June 17 to 30
Germany, Poland, Amsterdam (Booked on March 11)
Mother and daughter travel together with our associate Christian, who works with us from time to time when we are both occupied elsewhere. This “bucket list” trip will take in Berlin, Dresden and the Rhein Valley along with the sobering reality of Auschwitz-Birkenau. A highlight at the end will be three nights in the heart of Amsterdam.

June 24 to July 8
Ireland and Northern Ireland

Beverley L. comes back for her second trip with European Focus, this time with six members of her family for a family history trip around the Republic of Ireland plus some locations in and around Belfast.

July 10 to 18, July 20
Germany and Austria

A couple from Michigan who learned about us from clients we had last fall come over to meet their daughter and her partner. We travel around southern Germany and the Innsbruck area.

July 21 to 30

A family of three plus a family friend come over for an extended week in Bavaria including a visit to a brewery in Erlangen coincidentally named after them – how fun is that? We can already envision plenty of beer steins going into the luggage.

July 27 to August 5

(Jenean’s tour)
Three sisters are excited to be making a journey to explore their ancestral land of Scotland. Coming from the distinguished and ancient Guthrie Clan, they’ll be visiting heritage sites and places of interest as they relate to the Guthrie Clan’s long history in County Angus, Scotland. The Guthries were royal falconers and so were given the opportunity to purchase vast amounts of land in County Angus. Besides having adventures in their ancestors’ primary county, the sisters’ itinerary includes seeing the sites of Edinburgh as well as Stirling.

August 3 to 13
Germany and France

A surprise birthday present purchased in January but the hard thing is, the husband can’t tell his wife until her birthday in early May! We had to start planning now in order to ensure they could get onto our calendar. This will be a memorable one!

September 9 to 24
Germany, Czech Republic and Austria

Five couples from the Orlando area join up in Germany for a tour to small and larger towns including Rothenburg ob der Tauber, the Rhein Valley and Prague. Jenean will be second driver on this exciting adventure.

September 30 to October 9
John S. and his wife started planning this tour more than a year in advance. We will be visiting ancestral villages in Germany plus plenty of “just for fun” sightseeing in small town Germany.


For tours led by James October 11 to 26
For tours led by Jenean FULL SCHEDULE

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