1989 – 2009 Celebrating 20 Years of Living and Working in Europe

James Derheim, founder and co-owner of European Focus Private Tours first arrived in Europe in the summer of 1989 to begin what turned out to be a pivotal job as a photographer for the European edition of the “Stars and Stripes” newspaper, published in Griesheim, near Darmstadt, Germany.

More than a million miles traveled and thousands of photographs later, he started his own company, “European Focus,” to serve the needs of the family historian and the traveler who wants and expects something more from a European adventure than what is offered by the “canned” bus tours.

Jenean Derheim first arrived in Germany – coincidentally – also in 1989 during her work in corporate events planning. Her colleagues suggested she spend some free time in the (awfully touristy) village of Ruedesheim, where she stayed on Germany’s version of the Atlantic City boardwalk listening to loud rock and roll all night! She stays in cooler places now that she’s working with European Focus.

European Focus celebrates two decades of life in Europe with a fully-documented 2009 season featuring video, photographs and journal entries starting on April 21 – the day James leaves Sarasota, Florida to start the season in Europe. Stay tuned!

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  1. My wife and I are interested in learning about your 2009 Christmas Market Tour. Please send the itinerary to us. Thank you.
    Robert B. Poetz

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