Solar Power Revolution in Spain

May 30 YES solar power has potential to cure many of our planet’s energy problems and keep CO2 out of our atmosphere. A revolutionary power system near Seville, Spain harnesses the power of the sun to liquefy (boil) salt. That boiling salt is then used to turn water into steam, which powers turbines, creating electricity. […]

Solar Energy in Germany

August 7 It’s difficult to drive through Germany and not see solar panels on the rooftops of barns, houses and even churches. Huge patches of fields have been covered in hectares of panels. There are panels covering nearly every surface of the Munich Airport Terminal 2, which, as a pilot project when it was built […]

The Black Forest Goes Solar

Farms all through the low mountains of the Black Forest in southwestern Germany are installing solar panels to help cut down on their energy costs. The average homeowner gets about 30% of the cost back from the government. After seven years, the average homeowner has paid for the rest of the system and then can […]