Welcome First Time Travelers Ken and Gloria

September 2 Ken and Gloria have taken one of those ‘If it’s Tuesday this must be Belgium’ bus tours through Europe. You know the ones. Breakneck pace, a different city every night and a different country every other day. They enjoyed the experience for what it was, but this time, for their return to Germany […]

Yesterday in Germany

We’re sightseeing – even in a constant rain with chilly temps – in the Land of Ludwig, that’s “Mad” King Ludwig of Bavaria, who built three fantasy castles in the late 19th century which now attract millions of tourists per year. The government ministers got rid of Ludwig because he was spending the treasury dry. […]

Oberammergau Passion Play in 2010 – the Suffering of Christ at a Steep Price

Recently I was working with two couples who desired to see the world-famous performance in Oberammergau, Germany of Christ’s Passion. The trip I proposed to them would take place in late July and early August. Held just every 10 years (which gives the spring, summer and fall all-day performances a sense of urgency for those […]