Just ‘Ri-Married’ in Tuscany

April 14 Our current guests Steve and Debbie had a dream to celebrate their 20th anniversary with a special trip to Italy. Not just any trip, but a renewal of vows in Tuscany trip. With help from the staff of a beautiful and romantic country inn just outside of Montepulciano we made it happen, and […]

A Day in Montepulciano, Tuscany

May 12 We’re on a slow ramble around Tuscany with two nights in Montepulciano, one of the prettiest of the Tuscan hill towns. Also one of the steepest, we’ve determined, after visiting others such as Siena, Montecchiello and Pienza. Montepulciano is famous for its palaces around the main square, its unfinished church (they ran our […]

What is a Super Tuscan Wine?

April 13 We recently discovered a new wine cellar in the heart of Montepulciano where our clients were able to purchase bottles of Super Tuscan wine to take home to North America. This is an ultra-special treat, and not for the casual wine drinker. One has to truly love and respect wine to invest in […]