Postcard from Brugge

“ A dog seems bored by the scene below his window along one of the canals in this city known as the “Venice of the North.

Today in Zanse Schaans

We spent part of today in the outdoor museum park of Zanse Schaans near Amsterdam. The park features a handful of windmills, most of them built originally in the 1600s and then moved to this area in the 1970s and 1980s to form a picturesque panorama of what this part of the Netherlands looked like […]

European Focus Private Tours Benefit #384

Spontaneous sightseeing is what we’re all about. When we drive along Europe’s back roads with our guests, and when we see something interesting, we check it out. Big Bus Companies are all about staying on a schedule. They have to, with 40 people, even a potty stop has to be coordinated. The other day, Jim […]

Ramsau near Berchtesgaden

A popular postcard sold throughout the Berchtesgaden region shows the little church of Ramsau. We stopped on the way out of this area after a three-night stay to recreate the photo. Guest Bob Rokicki is in the foreground.