Just booked – Adventure in Berlin, Dresden, Prague and Vienna

Breakfast on a fine April morning at the Grand Cafe in Haarlem, Holland

Dick and Darlene will be enjoying their fourth trip with European Focus since the spring of 2009 when they first joined our expanding family of guests. This time, their April, 2012 trip will include Germany’s capital city, rebuilt and wonderful Dresden, the eternally gorgeous city of Prague plus Vienna and more. Dick and Dar took their granddaughter Haley to the Netherlands and Belgium last spring. Haley will have to stay home and study this time around, but there’s always the next time!

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  1. Nice video in the Irish pub and fun music. Posting short vedois along with the “postcards” is a good way to entice people to get in the traveling mood.Not a comment really, but Paula’s next European Focus trip would like to be Scotland and Ireland. Not in 2011 but in 2012, assuming the end of the world doesn’t start this month and end before next year as predicted. I have an idea that Audrey might be coaxed along as well.Our plate is full this year. Audrey will be here later this month and we have a trip planned to Yosemite and Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks in early May. I call it a “California Focus Tour”.Then in July Paula and I will be going back to McCarthy and Kennecott, Alaska for the big celebration of the arrival of the first train in McCarthy/Kennecott 100 years ago. That was the area where I worked in 1950 and 1951 when I first graduated from College. It was the 50th anniversary then; the railroad actually stopped running about 1932.I guess you may already be back in Germany or will be shortly. Anyway, that is the secret trip that Paula has been thinking about – Scotland and Ireland.

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