James and Jenean Derheim (Photo by Amanda LaValley)

James and Jenean Derheim (Photo by Amanda LaValley)

All images on this web site by James Derheim

James started his love affair with Europe as a photojournalist for the European Stars and Stripes newspaper, published in Griesheim, Germany. For five years starting in the summer of 1989 James traveled extensively in Europe, photographing people, events and places and writing about them for the largest English language newspaper outside of the United States. Among his many interesting assignments was the time his editor said, “Get on a plane and don’t come back for two weeks.” He flew around Europe and parts of Europe on military transport planes learning about the world. This fantastic experience hooked James on adventure and travel. His extensive travels for the Stars and Stripes taught him the skills he uses on a daily basis while helping his clients get to know Europe.

In late 1989, James started offering photographs of small towns in Europe to people tracing their family trees. This successful “hobby” grew into a full-time business by 1994. In 1996, a client asked James if he could go along as he photographed the village of Flammersfeld, Germany. James said “why not?” European Focus Private Tours was born.

James speaks German and is proficient in basic Italian. Jenean Derheim has been traveling for her corporate clients since the late 1980s. Jenean joined European Focus in 2000 and is proficient in German, French and Italian.

Venice Italy Sunset

Venice Italy at sunset

Private Tours

We started it all. European Focus is the only tour company in the world which features American citizens who are Europe-based offering customized itineraries for as few as one person up to a maximum (usually) of 10. (We have handled larger groups on request.) We have two primary full-time guides and another four on-call guides to serve you. While the big bus companies feature guides who memorize endless dates and names and other trivia on a handful of places, our knowledge is more broad-based (we do after all offer our services in more than 18 countries) and we don’t talk at our clients, we talk with them, to find out what they are interested in knowing. Find out how you can have the Trip of a Lifetime (and be spoiled rotten by the experience) by spending about fifteen minutes browsing through our web site.

Tours mixing Family History with vacation travel. The ultimate experience is to walk in the footsteps of your ancestors, to touch the baptismal font where your great-grandfather was baptized, to see the landscapes your ancestors knew in their daily life. Only on a European Focus Private Tour is this possible in an intimate and highly personalized way. Start your own adventure here, by spending some quality time getting to know us via our web site. And, if you want to talk, we’re just an e-mail or a phone call away.

European Focus Private Tours does not discriminate and welcomes people from all walks of life, persuasions and backgrounds.

Images of our tour vehicle. It is a 2012 Volkswagen Multivan “Highline” edition, with all options, A/C of course, leather, comfort ride, automatic, large luggage compartment