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Family historians who collect documents for years — or even decades — can be missing the "Big Picture" when it comes to truly understanding where their ancestors came from. European Focus answers the questions "what does my ancestral village look like?" and "what is the landscape like around where my ancestors lived?" Photography by European Focus is the next best thing to being there.

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Ancestral Town Photos

About the Ancestral Village Photo Archives

Town or village names followed by “Church” mean that only the church in that location was photographed. If a town does not include “Church” then the viewer can take for granted that the church in that town was part of the original project, and is included.

Each location in the European Focus archive was photographed for a genealogist following his/her specifications. This work is ongoing. European Focus completes more than 100 projects for genealogists each year between April and November, resulting in more than 3,000 images being added to the archive.

If you are interested in a town listed below, and if that town is not yet part of our online image gallery, please get in touch with European Focus so that we can inform you of what is included in the project. Scanning from our original negatives (which includes projects done from 1990 to 2003) is an ongoing process.

Images are sold either as singles or as packages. Customers can have their choice of a CD with the images, or a high quality download (without the copyright protective watermark, of course).

If your ancestral town is not listed here, it means that it has not been photographed – yet. If you are interested in a project, please go to our “Photography” area of our web site. Don’t just wait for your ancestral town to be photographed for someone else! That could take years, or it could be never. Your project, if completed especially for you, can be custom-designed to include elements of your ancestral town that would be of interest to you, and no one else. (Headstones, addresses, etc.)

It is my hope that the immense body of work shown here will help the serious family researcher appreciate the fact that European Focus is the original provider of high quality images of ancestral towns in Europe. This is a service I’ve been engaged in since 1990 – and it is still very much a passion and full-time occupation.

Thank you – and enjoy!

James Derheim

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