Our Niche Are Custom-Designed Trips

We specialize in small towns and villages, leaving the big cities to the big tour companies

We started this business in the 1990s based on an (at the time) completely new idea and approach to travel. Rather than just throw a bunch of trips out there and wait for people to “bite,” we take the complete opposite approach, and make ourselves available to our clients to go where they want to go, and for how long, and with whom. Their hand-picked travel companions (usually friends or family) or solo, we can handle anything which comes our way. We work with you to create the perfect trip, just for you, because it’s your trip, and not one shared by a busload of strangers. We just completed our 291st trip. We will be into the 300s soon. That’s experience, and comfort, and fun all at the same time. Why don’t you join us?

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