Tower of London Residents

Ravens have been welcome guests (and, indeed protected) at the Tower of London for centuries. Legend has it that if the ravens were to ever leave the Tower, the kingdom and the fortress would fall. Current-day resident ravens are cared for by their very own Ravenmaster. They’re fed a combination of raw meat and bird […]

Between East and West

Pictured here is one of my recent guests, straddling the Greenwich Meridian in Greenwich, England (at 0 degrees longitude and 180 degrees latitude) The Greenwich Meridian (Prime Meridian) marks the starting point of every time zone in the world. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is at the center of the time zone map. GMT sets current […]

Moulin Rouge

In 1889 the Moulin Rouge of the Montmartre neighborhood in Paris was the first “respectable” dance hall to feature what had previously been thought of as a “working class” and vulgar dance of the 1830s — The Can-Can. The Moulin Rouge cabaret was opened by Charles Zidler and Joseph Oller, much to the excitement and anticipation of many […]

Shopping in Les Baux de Provence

Storefront in Les Baux de Provence   Not only is there plenty of history, nature and yummy food in Provence but also shopping in hundreds of shops just like this one in Les Baux. After walking uphill to the entrance of the village of Les Baux, you find yourself within a medieval village of narrow cobblestone […]

The Camarque

When one thinks of Provence, flat terrain and vast stretchs of salt marshes are not what is usually envisioned. The Camarque region, however, is very much a part of Provence but is often skipped by American tourists. The Carmarque is a land filled with a variety of birds, including flamingos, waterways on which to kayak […]

Lavender Fields in Provence

In the distance is Mont Ventoux, the highest mountain in Provence at 3,766 feet. As one might deduce from the name it can be very windy at its summit, especially during the Mistral, with winds reaching speeds of 200 mph. With it being a little early in the growing season (mid-June) for lavender, my guests and […]