How to have the best experience from first contact

Seeing Europe in a relaxed, not hurried way is our niche.

We’ve been doing this a very long time, over a period of more than a quarter century. With nearly 300 tours under our belts, we can tell in just a few seconds if a person is “right” for European Focus Private Tours. Here’s how you can tell if we are right for you.

IF you want to submit, as this person did today, a questionnaire going something like this:

We would like to tour the following places:
Rhine valley
In two weeks on a budget of $5,500 per person including all transportation, hotels, sight seeing.

Then you know that we are definitely not right for you. Our tours are custom-built, one at a time for each individual client or group of clients who may be good friends or family members. We never mix and match strangers and we don’t travel in big buses. We rarely use trains except perhaps to travel between London and Paris or Edinburgh and London, for example. We stay in the same place two or three or even more nights, so that you can get to the the place and feel at home. We do day trips from that central location and we love getting our clients into the countryside so they can experience and feel the “real” landscape and history of a country. And we never, ever do “If it’s Tuesday, this must be Rome” types of whirlwind, exhausting itineraries such as what this person wanted, above.

For many hundreds of our clients, most of whom came back for subsequent trips (Nine in a couple of cases!) European Focus was the right choice for them, and they were the right choice for us.

Join our exclusive family, we’d love to have you.

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